Scuba Diving and Courses in Veracruz Mexico – We sell scuba diving equipment, provide boat trips, Hydrostatic testing, air analysis and also do high pressure compressor repairs.

buceo veracruz 1Welcome to SCUBAVER. We offer high quality, safe scuba diving on the beautiful Veracruz Coral Reef System. From beginner to Open Water Instructor, we provide all levels of scuba courses. We’ve been a PADI Diving Center (reg. S-19617) since 1998 and are Veracruz’s only PADI Diving Center. We are also an SSI Training Facility (reg. 247LA) and have been since 2000. We’re a family owned business with a 30 year history in scuba.

Always, safety comes first. More than just being Dive Masters (Dive Cons), all of our boats go out with a PADI certified Open Water Scuba Instructors, and all are fully up to date in first aid and rescue training requirements.

Our boat captains have, as a minimum, recreational scuba certification. All are first aid, BLS, and Oxygen Provider certified by DAN (Diver Alert Network). Additionally, all of our captians are licensed by the Mexican Government as boat operators (Libreta de Mar Class C, tourism section).

Our tanks are filled with pure air meeting the highest standards. Not only do we comply with PADI and SSI requirements but we also meet the more demanding standard CGA G-7.1 Grade D with moisture test. Testing for the CGA test is performed in the U.S., and test results are available for review.

Using air meeting this higher standard, our Nitrox is of better quality and is safer than required by PADI and SSI standards.

Infomation on Scubaver in Veracruz:

buceo veracruz 3Our dive boats are specially designed to maximize your comfort. They carry plenty of horsepower, and so they get you out to the dive sites fast. As part of our efforts to protect the reef, all of our motors are set up to operate with the lowest possible emissions. The motors are new, fully maintained, and highly reliable.

Diving with us entitles you to special rates at a number of excellent hotels. We’ll be very happy to help you make arrangements. The Grand Hotel Diligencias, Fiesta Inn (Malecon), Suites and Hotel Angeles are among Veracruz’s finest. We also have agreements with a number of other very good, but less costly hotels.

We teach all levels of Recreational Diving offer by PADI, www.padi.com and by SSI, www.sssila.com. Their programs and our instruction fully comply with the standards set forth by the Recreational Scuba Training Council, RSTC.

We are fully in agreement with the council’s concept that your training course is where you develop good technique and safe habits. We work hard to assure you develop these so that your diving is responsible and safe and always enjoyable.

buceo veracruz padiPADI Courses:

Discover Scuba Diving
Open Water diver and Jr OWD
Advanced Open Water Diver and Jr AOWD
Rescue Diver and Jr RD
Dive Master (Dive-Con)
Master Scuba Diver
Medic first response (all ages, no dive experience)

PADI Specialty Diving courses:
Night diver
Deep diver
Wreck diver
Underwater photographer
Digital underwater photographer
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)
Peak performance buoyancy

Professional opportunity awaits you. Become certified as an Open Water Instructor (PADI). You can then build your own dive club. Many of these small enterprises have grown into active and successful dive shops.

Places to Scuba Dive in Veracruz

Veracruz is home to some of Mexico’s finest diving. The Veracruz Coral Reef System has beautiful, brightly and richly colored coral formations and abundant marine life. The Gulf’s fish species thrive in the reef. The recently found “Gobio Jarocho” is only known to exist in Veracruz’s reef.

Making scuba in Veracruz even better is the camaraderie of diving with our highly trained, friendly staff, and with divers from all around Mexico.

To dive the southern section of the reef, we depart from our Veracruz location and arrive at the diving sites just as fast as departing from the beach in Anton Lizardo. We save you the time of the lengthy drive to and from Anton Lizardo.

The southern portion of the reef has the most impressive and majestic coral formations in the Gulf, and the water is clear (100 ft. visibility).

The northern and southern barrier reefs together form the Veracruz Coral Reef System. They are protected by the Government of Mexico and are designated as a national park (Parque Nacional Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano). The park fee is a very reasonable 23.35 Mexican Pesos (about two US dollars).

buceo veracruz 4The best snorkeling in Mexico’s Gulf’s regions is found on the Veracruz Coral Reef System. The calm, warm waters are ideal for those who want to experience the beauty of the reef, its colors and formations, and to swim among the abundant and varied marine life the reef shelters.

The northern portion of the reef system is often referred to as the Veracruz reef because it’s located immediately off shore from the City.

There are three major areas for diving the Veracruz reef. The farthest is only a 20 minute ride in our very fast dive boats. The three areas are La Blanquilla, Isla Verde, and Anegada de Adentro.

La Blanquilla reef:

Boya Centro N19013’9.9″ W96006’02.8″
Blanquiilla Norte N19°13′ 3.4″ W96°06’04.9″
Blanquiilla Sur N19°13′. 0.0″ W96°05’50.2″
Blanquilla Este N19°13’24.7″ W96°05’39.T

Green Island Reefs, (Isla Verde):

Fosita De Catedrale N19°12’18.7″ W96°04’25.6″
Fosa De Catedrales N 19°12’23.3″ W96°04;26.4″
Inicio De Catedrales N19°12’21.9″ W96°04’23.9″
Farito De Isl A Verde N19°11’51.8″ W96°04’06.6″
Bajo De Ernesto N19°12’06.6″ W96°04’16.3″
Fosa De’ Isla Verde N19°11’58.02″ W96°03’50»
El Rodeo, N19°12’27.5″W 96°04’27.3″

Anegada de Adentro Reef:

LA VIRGEN N19°13’45,6 W96°03’51
CAñON de JUAREZ N19″13″41.3 W96°03’43.6″
COLAS DEGATO’ N19°13’19.1″ W96°03’13.3″
EL JARDIN 0 BLANQUIS. N19°13’16.3 W96°03’13.8″
CABO MEX EXT. N N19°13’11.9″ YV96°03’01.6″
CABO MEX EXT. S N19°13’10.2″ W96°02’52.7″
CADENA DEL RUSO N19°13’27.9″ W96°02’57.0″
El AHOGADO 1 N19°13’17.3″ W96°03’28.4″
El AHOGADO 2 N19°13’17.2″ W96°03’27.1″
AHOGADO Grande 1 N 19°13’05.4″ W96°03’23.1”
AHOGADO Grande 2 N19°13’04.4″ W96°03’21.4”

The decommissioned Naval Vessel Riva Palacios (the C-50), was sunk in 2002 to provide a dual purpose artificial reef. It is home to a number of research projects, and it’s incredible wreck diving. As planned (and hoped) the ship settled upright on the ocean’s floor.

Exploring the wreck, one sees the formation of new coral colonies, and one is surrounded by game fish pursuing the smaller fish that hide in the wreck’s nooks and crannies.

The southern portion of the reef system, commonly referred to as the Anton Lizardo Reef, lies off-shore from the fishing town of Anton Lizardo. Anton Lizardo is home to Mexico’s Naval Academy. The Anton Lizardo Reef, is also divided into major dive areas. They are Anegada de Afuera, Santiaguillo, Cabezo, and Topetillo.

Anegada de adentro Reef sites:

El Camaronero N 19º10’17.8W 95º52’18.2
El Ancla N 19º10’04.8’’W 95º52’22’’
Cementerios N 19º10’08.5’’ W 95º52’24.2’’
Cañadas N 19º10’12.8’’W 95º51’36.4’’
Cañadas N 19º10’09.7’’W 95º51’34.6’’
Cañadas N19º10’05.7’’W 95º51’31.7’’
Estufa Del Diablo N19°09’35” W 95°50´59”
Cabo Del Diablo N19°09’30.9” W 95°50´45.6”
Cañada Del Diablo N19°08’57.8” W95°50´04.5”
Cañada Del Diablo N 19º08’57»W 95º50’06»
Ana Elena N 19º10’06»W 95º51’40.»

Topetillo Reef sites:

EL RIELERO N19°08’38” W95°50´05”
LA CUBERA N 19º08’52»W 95º50’06.5»
LOS CABITOS N 19º08’23»W 95º50’04»

Arrecife Santiaguillo:

La Poza Azul N19°08’37” W95°48´23.5”
La Poza Azul N 19º08’35»W 95º48’23»
Luna De Duendes N19°08’29” W95°45´23”

Arrecife La Anegadilla:

La Costilla N 19º08’10»W 95º47’46»
Punta Anegada N19°08’29” W95°47´52”
Paso Del Sábalo N19°08’19” W95°47´35”
Picacho N19°08´04” W95°47´28”
Puerta De Duendes N19°08´29” W95°48´29”
Duendes N 19º08’32’’ W 95º48’38’’
Poza De Duendes N19º08’39’’ W 95º48’40’’

Arrecife Cabezo:

Barco De Valientes N 19º05’04.7’’W 95º51’26.1’’
El Submarino N 19º05’05.1’’W 95º50’35.7’’
La Piedra De Cartón N 19º04’18.2’’ W 95º51’54’’

Isal De Enmedio:

La Montaña N19°04´58” W95°56´02.2”
Sargazos N19°05´49.5” W95°56´43.9”
Punta Sur N19°06´03” W95°55´45”
Los Sábalos N19°06´26 W95°55´46.6”
El Ahogado De La I. N19°07´05” W95°56´37.6”
La Lámpara N 19º05’38.5’’W 95º50’58.4’’
El Rizo
El Borre N 19º03’36.9’W 95º55’10.9’’
El Ojo N19°05´45” W95°51´35”

buceo veracruz 5Things to do in Veracruz:

The City and State of Veracruz are loaded with history, culture, eco-tourism and adventure tourism. From the Gulf’s edge to North America’s third highest mountain peak (Orizaba Peak) is only 80 miles.

Veracruz is a tourist town, and there are lots and lots of things to do. Mexico is very family oriented, and so the City has places and activities for all ages.

Latin America’s finest aquarium is just down the waterfront from our dive shop. The aquarium is home to the largest tiger shark in captivity.

The historic old City Center (El Centro) is only a few block from us. It’s full of shops and museums, and music and dance, and a fort.

Less than an hour to the north are La Antigua (where Cortez and the Conquistadors came ashore) and Zempoala (pyramids from the Totonac period).

Next to the Aquarium is the main in-town beach.

Just across the harbor is the famous, very large fort, San Juan de Ulua. It’s where the Spaniards kept all the gold and silver waiting for Spanish galleons to take it to Spain.

Inland an hour is the old, colonial town of Jalcomulco where you can enjoy terrific whitewater rafting and kayaking. Jalcomulco also has zipline, rappel, and nature hiking.

To see up close what there is to do in the City and around the State, here are three sites loaded with activities and destinations.